Our experts focus on malpractice cases in emergency medicine and pediatric emergency medicine. Our experts are experienced clinicians who continue practicing clinically in their discipline as well as reviewing cases of possible malpractice. If you contact us, we will assist you in finding an expert with training as a physician, nurse, physician assistant, or paramedic.

We have found that those experts who continue to practice clinical medicine are very adept at assessing standards of medical care. None of our experts make a full-time living by reviewing only malpractice cases. To see a list of the expertise and experience of our experts, click on the following link - OUR COMPANY

Our firm welcomes clients who are working for defendants or plaintiffs. We realize that cases are filed for a variety of reasons. Malpractice does occur. Malpractice is also alleged to have occurred when it did not occur. We provide a review based upon the merits of the case, rather than based upon what client is asking for the review. Our experts review cases for both defendants and plaintiffs. If our expert does not feel your case is supported by the evidence, they will inform you of that. We strive to provide your firm with a fair and unbiased opinion about your case. We can also provide you an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the case, without providing a medical expert opinion.

Contact us if you have a case you want reviewed, or if you have additional questions about our company, our experts or our fees.

All of our experts abide by the guidelines set forth by the American College of Emergency Physicians in 2000 - ACEP Clinical Practice Guideline on Medical Expert Testimony